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New Pledge Mission at Haze Him

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These poor frat boy pledges…

Not only do their future frat brother torment them, they also make them record it! Of course, it doesn’t end there … the video was sent to Haze Him where it will live forever. I’m sure these guys will one day regret what they did, but in the meantime, we get to enjoy it!

Haze Him is a great mix of funny and sexy. It’s all straight guys that pull off college hijinks. In many of the videos they are forced to suck dick or serve up their virgin asses.

In the video, the frat boy pledges are given a list of dares that they have to complete.  It’s crazy shit like piss on a random car (below), knock on a random door and flash whoever opens it (above) and other crazy shit.

This video is HILARIOUS and you can watch the entire thing by clicking here.

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Older Frat Boy Disciplines Younger

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Frat boy Michael was told that Ashton had been running his mouth about him. While passing each other in the hallway one day, Michael decided to confront Ashton about his big mouth.

Ashton wasn’t looking forward to a confrontation in the hallway and invited Michael into his room to discuss the issue. Michael called Ashton out on the fact that he had a big mouth and Ashton apologized. He took his apology even further by pulling Michael’s already halfway hard cock out of his baggy jeans.

Ashton started going down on Michael’s cock as it grew in Ashton’s mouth. Ashton continued working on it and before long, Michael got it in his head that he had to bury his long and thick cock inside of Ashton’s compact and tight little ass.

The frat boys fuck, mostly with Ashton face down and Michael on top of him ridding his cute boy butt from behind.  Ashton is lying on his back and getting fucked when he cannot hold it anymore and shoots a big load of bright white cum onto his stomach and in his belly button. Getting off from how hot it was to see Ashton shoot, Michael isn’t too much further behind him and blows a load all over Ashton.

By how their time together turned out, these two frat boys were clearly into each other and did not even realize it!

Click here to watch the video of Michael Lee and Ashton Michael fucking.

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College Boys Fucking in Public

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Justin was visiting his buddy in South Beach when he mentioned that he wanted to find some fresh tight ass to bang the fuck out of. His friend assured him that finding fresh meat wouldn’t be a problem and they went out on an expedition together.

Well, it was a problem. Justin didn’t have as much game as his buddy had hoped. Luckily, George came along and Justin was going to get to fuck. George is a southern boy that was on vacation in Miami. The guys offered to take George on a tour of South Beach. They also told George that they’d take him back to their friends house after the tour.

They lied. The friends house was nothing more than a house that was under construction. Justin and George were horny though and that didn’t stop them from fucking right on the concrete slab!

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