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Dick Dorm Videos

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Dick Dorm is a site that has taken the net by storm with their videos and photos of straight guys doing really gay shit with each other during frat parties. Naturally, as is the case these days, such videos are sometimes caught on tape. What these straight boys didn’t count on while having their fun was that the video would be sold to Dick Dorm for $10,000 for all of the world to see!

Dick Dorm is an amazing site that features straight boys living up the college life and getting their nut off however they can!

We have videos from Dick Dorm right here at Haze House! Watch the video below and if you want to see the rest, click the read more link!

Take a free tour of Dick Dorm now and if you like what you see (you will), you can join for the special price of just $4.95!

Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

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Haze Him – Losing Has its Consequences

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These eager and frisky frat boys sent in their video to Haze Him. They start off by playing beer pong and for the loser the stakes are pretty high. Before long there are some frat boy cocks out of jeans getting stroked by the horny (and supposedly straight, I thought) fellow frat brothers.

As the party goes on the dicks get harder as the boys get hornier. What started out as some cock stroking turned into some cock sucking and then an amazing threesome with two good looking frat boys and one amazingly hot frat boy!

If you like what you see you can do a trial join to Haze Him for just $4.95. If you don’t like what you see go ahead and cancel and owe nothing more!

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Haze Him: Get Some Hot Nuts

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I logged into Haze Him last night to find an another amazing update from them!

The most recent update is called Get Some Hot Nuts. Here, the fraternity recruits are drilled over and over again with questions. The older frat brother decided to have some fun with the pledges and teabagged them. He made them all line up and he dropped his balls onto each of their heads.

Then, as if that were not enough, the poor pledges were forced to suck his dick!

Someone ended up having a lot of fun and lets just say that it wasn’t the frat pledges!

Click here to check out free videos from Haze Him. If you like what you see you can join Haze Him for just $4.95!



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