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The Cum Cookie!?!

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Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Haze Him puts out another video that makes me say WTF and seriously question college kids of today!

This video is from a fraternity where one of the frat boys apparently has some kind of cookie fetish. OK, maybe he doesn’t — maybe he’s just concocted another way to fuck with the pledges!

First the pledges get spanked by the fraternity’s paddle.  Then, they have to stand around a chocolate cookie that is on top of a trash can and jerk off onto it. Gross, right?  Get this … then a pledge has to EAT the cookie.

So gross. So hot. I don’t know what to make of it, but my magic wand did raise in my pants, so if my cock is voting, it says this video is HOT!

Click here to watch the Cum Cookie video

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Fraternity Pledges Hazed by “The Machine”

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Have you ever heard of "The Machine?" I haven’t, and neither did the guys at Haze Him.  Apparently, The Machine is a guy that one fraternity uses in a pledge ritual each year. The Machine is a big guy — very big and very scary. The older frat brothers line the pledges up along a fence and The Machine goes through the line and has his way with each of them.

While I wouldn’t want to get fucked by The Machine, I’d like to be fucking the hot young and straight pledges like The Machine does.

The video is sexy and hilarious! Click here to watch it!

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Click Here to Watch This Haze Him Video

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Frat Boys Running Football Drills Naked

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These photos are from a video submitted by a frat in Ohio. All of the boys in the video are straight, but they’ve pledged to this fraternity and that is why they are naked. You see, the haze brother decided to have a little fun with them and make them run their drills naked. To make it worse for them, he decided that the loser would have to suck off and fuck the winner! Seriously, is there anything a straight boy wouldn’t rather do than suck off another dude?

Click here to watch the video of these frat boys running their drills nude.

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Click here to watch full Haze Him video now!



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